Shockwaves in the patent ecosphere, the FedInvent 2022 Recap and new 2023 FedInvent Reports.

December 2022

We took a look at DOD's best stocking stuffer program -- DURIP And Happy Holidays!! Say warm.

November 2022

The Latest FedInvent Newsletter. Here's an analysis of taxpayer funded patents that include Chinese national inventors. Our analysis of NSF and DOE data…

October 2022

The latest from FedInvent -- Operating outside the science by committee approach to innovation.

September 2022

A Catch Up Newsletter and a look at the latest flood of R&D and innovation funding.

August 2022

The FedInvent Reports for August 9th and 11th and taxpayer-funded blockchain patents.
Hello from FedInvent, We hope your summer has been enjoying your summer. First, here are the links to the latest FedInvent Reports.

July 2022

FedInvent Reports and the Taxpayer Funded Patent Count for 2021 and the First Half of 2022
FedInvent Reports for June 28 through July 7, 2022. America's Seed Fund may be in trouble.

June 2022

FedInvent Reports for June 21 and June 23, 2022
FedInvent Reports from June 7th through June 16th and a deep dive look into the USPTO Climate Change Mitigation Pilot Program.
FedInvent Reports for May 24th, 26th, 31st and June 2nd. a new super fast computer and the Green Tech Program is back with a new name.